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High performing organizations use automated testing to achieve greater productivity and reliability. Every change and new feature are instantly checked to see if it meets intended requirements and doesn’t break the rest of your systems.

Learn to improve efficiency and speed of your development and delivery processes

Today every software team faces the challenges of delivering more capabilities on faster timelines with greater reliability. Whether you associate it with a buzzword like “DevOps” or “Agile,” or just call it “being more responsive to the business,” test automation is the key to improving the efficiency, capability, and speed of your development and delivery processes. Yet many teams fear test automation to be challenging, difficult, or impractical. How can you tame the madness and start to achieve the benefits on your schedule and budget?

Learn the lingo of test automation: Selenium, Gherkin, Cucumber, HPQC, Jira, and others. There’s an alphabet soup of complex tools that seem beyond your reach. What do they mean? How do they fit together? Which do you need and which can you safely ignore?

Understand how to organize your systems to get the most out of automated testing

Learn how to improve your development throughout and reliability by replacing slow, boring, and error-prone manual testing with fast, repeatable automated tests. Organize your systems and processes to get the most out of automated testing. Improve system reliability by improving test coverage. Support deployments across many platforms with a single set of reusable tests.

Automate test generation as well as test execution

Test automation isn’t limited to just running the same tests over and over again. Creating a comprehensive suite of tests by forming combinations of inputs and paths through functions can be a boring and error-prone process. Learn how to use TAME to automate this most important testing activity and to produce more comprehensive and complete test suites.

Testing Courses

Until further notice, all courses are available ONLY in Live Online (Zoom) format.

Test Automation Boot Camp

Three days | 12noon - 5pm Eastern / 9am - 2pm Pacific Time

This ICAgile-certified course, presented in collaboration with ASPE Training, provides a detailed survey of test automation tools and practices at all levels. Participants will learn how to use tools to record and play back UI tests, to develop code-level unit tests, and to create tests for nonfunctional requirements.

The TAME Course

Three days | 12noon - 5pm Eastern / 9am - 2pm Pacific Time

Get hands-on experience in the entire TAME process. Learn to design tests for single functions and more complex sequences. Define data values and create test oracles. Write detailed directions to quickly produce scenarios for review.

Automate your tests by finding instructions and selector expressions. Run your automated tests on different platforms and sizes, all without complex coding. See how to enhance test suites in response to bugs, user stories, and enhancement requests.

Combined Course: Agile Test Automation with TAME

Five days | 12noon - 5pm Eastern / 9am - 2pm Pacific Time

In one week get a comprehensive course in developing and deploying automated tests with TAME. Get in-depth training on building and automating tests with TAME while gaining experience with a variety of automation tools and platforms.

Currently this course is available only upon request for single-client delivery, so we can customize the content to your particular learning objectives.

Custom Training Programs

Contact us to discuss your particular training needs.

Through our partnerships with major training and consulting providers, we can develop a package of training and consulting services to enable you to get the most out of TAME and test automation.