Introducing our new video TAME the Software Testing Beast.

TAME the Software Testing Beast

Here's a cute, snappy little introduction to TAME - Test Authoring Made Easy.

Introducing TAME

Give us seven minutes and we'll show you a better way to write test cases.

For software teams who want to deliver higher quality, TAME is a test authoring system that does the hard work of producing comprehensive test suites.

Instead of writing tests one at a time, using TAME, testers fill out simple tables and TAME does the boring and repetitive work of forming combinations to create dozens of useful tests at once.

TAME makes it easier to do a more thorough job of building software tests and for tracking test progress.

TAME "How To" Videos

Getting Started with TAME

Learn how to sign up for a new account, download templates, and create your first simple test project with TAME.