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What are we about?

Our mission is to enable the world to build more reliable software. Whether you’re agile or traditional, automated or manual, TAME takes the boring out of building complete and comprehensive test suites.

We’ve been doing this for years. So instead of just saying, "we have smart people who can jump in and make you successful," here are some specific things we can do for you.

Organize your existing tests.

We’ll start by figuring out how to structure and to organize the tests you already have. While we’d love it if TAME magically read and organized your test cases wherever they may be, we can identify your business processes and individual user activities, decompose those activities into testable steps, and understand the actions that make up those steps.

Find more testing opportunities.

Every bug report is a testing opportunity. More specifically it’s a situation that wasn’t caught by your existing test suite. Let’s examine your recent bug reports against your existing test suites and find the opportunities to expand your test suite.

Get you ready for automation.

Despite the best efforts of automation tool salespeople, test automation isn’t as simple as merely recording a bunch of user actions and playing them back. To make the most of automated testing, you want a strategy and an organizational structure to your tests.

We’ll get you started, step by step.

Nothing is more frustrating than finding an appealing product only to be challenged by abstruse, insider-clubby incomprehensible "Getting Started" instructions. That’s why when you sign up for TAME you’ll start with a one-hour online video meeting (powered by Zoom) to get you started and to work through examples. And yes, we’ll do those meetings in your time zone.

And we’ll stick with you until you’re convinced. Or not.

One hour isn’t enough to decide. So, after your intro session, we’ll keep checking back with you. You can also schedule follow-ups to get more help and tips on how to move forward. And since the next best thing to winning a sale is losing one quickly, if you decide TAME isn’t for you, just say so.

We’ll help you convince your boss and your team.

Eventually you’ll want to buy TAME. (And we’ll want you to buy it too!) That’s why we’ll help you to build the case for TAME—a whole program of product, training, and services to make you successful.