Test Automation

Once you generate those great tests it only makes sense to automate them.

TAME recommends Ranorex—the most flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use test automation solution.

Web. Desktop. Mobile. Ranorex can test them all. No need to learn different frameworks for different platforms. And there's no need to be a coder to produce sophisticated and effective test suites.

Open-source might seem to be the better value. Build-your-own test automation frameworks might seem to be the best fit for your software. But when time is money, you want to get started, build tests, and find bugs right away.

It's so simple to get started with Ranorex. Download it, install it, and build your first tests in less than 30 minutes.

We're a Ranorex Partner

As a Ranorex partner, Model Compilers provides complete, high-quality coaching, training, tools, and professional services to ensure successful software analysis, development, and testing.

Our service packages get you started and keep you going strong. Combining training, mentoring, and professional services, our services ensure that your project and your organization realize significant tangible benefits from test automation.

Nobody is more qualified

Model Compilers produces and delivers Ranorex's North American training. We supplement our practical hands-on Ranorex courses with world-class training in analysis techniques and test strategies. Our affiliation with ASPE Training gives you access to hundreds of the best courses in business analysis, agile methods, software testing, project management, and much more.

Oh, and our CTO, Marc Balcer, isn't just an awesome instructor and mentor, he was the very first Ranorex Certified Professional.

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