Get lots of tests

Now that you have a TAME workbook, here's how to produce tests.

Upload the workbook to TAME

Save your workbook.

Then upload it to TAME by either dragging it to your project...

...or selecting the file with the file selector buttons.

See your tests

TAME generates your tests. For the login page, TAME has generated nine different test cases.

Click the test link in your project to see all of the different test cases. Each of these tests has a name that’s based upon the result and the conditions that lead to that result.

Click an individual test case to see the steps of that test.

You can also download a single document containing the complete test protocol (all of the tests).

You can also get a table (“matrix”) of test cases and data values.

The Gherkin BDD (Behavior Driven Development) Given-When-Then format is also available. Imagine being able to do Cucumber and never having to write tests one-at-a-time again.

And there’s an XML format perfectly suited for use by automated testing platforms.

Review and Run

Now you can take those tests, run them against the login page, and record your results.

But even before anyone even writes code, you can also review them with your team to make sure everyone is clear exactly what’s needed to correctly build the login page.

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