Fill out a simple table

Here 's how to use TAME to test a simple function, such as an application login page.

Create a TAME Worksheet

A TAME workbook just an ordinary spreadsheet. Start by downloading a blank workbook...

...or installing the TAME templates into Excel or OpenOffice.

Create a new worksheet.

Then name the tab and title the sheet.

Define your inputs

Suppose you want to test an application login page.

The login page has two inputs: the user ID and the password.
List these down the left side.

Each input Is partitioned into a set of choices that represent different kinds of values that produce different results.
What are some different choices for the user ID?

  • A good user ID has to be in the form of an email address.
  • A blank user ID will produce an error.
  • So will a user ID that’s not in the form of an email address.
  • And something that’s longer than the length of the input field should also be checked.

What are some different choices for the password?

  • A good password has to be several nonblank characters.
  • A blank password (or one that’s omitted entirely) will produce an error.
  • A string of all blank or whitespace characters should produce an error.
  • And something that’s longer than the length of the input field should also be checked.

Define the expected results

Across the top, list the different results that could occur. These include successful and unsuccessful (error) results.

The results are triggered when the user clicks the Log In button

Connect inputs to results

Connecting the input choices to the results is as simple as marking the cells at the intersections of the input choice rows and the result columns. It’s as simple as “X marks the spot.” For example:

  • If the user ID is blank, a “user ID required” message is produced.
  • If the password is blank, a “password required” messsage is produced.
  • Other error messages are produced if the user ID isn’t in the form of an email address, the user ID Is too long, the password Is too long, or consists of all blank characters.

Complete the test

For the login to be successful, the user ID has to name a real user and the password has to be correct For the user. These are called environment conditions.

  • Other errors are displayed If the user ID doesn’t name a real user or the password isn't the right password for the user.
  • A Successful Login result requires a good user ID, a good password, a user with that user ID, and the right password for that user.

Specify actual values for different combinations of input choices and environment conditions. Use the full power of spreadsheet formulas to define computed values, data lookups, even random values.

Write detailed instructions for the tester, including

  • How to input values
  • How to set up environment conditions
  • How to perform events, like clicking a button
  • How to check expected results

Assemble tests into sequences

More sophisticated tests with sequences of steps are easy to build. Just create one tab for each step in the sequence.

Link steps by making the result of one step match the name of the next tab.
Here the user starts on the logged out homepage. Clicking the Log In link takes the user to the Login page.

On the Login page the user must log in correctly to get to the My Projects page.

On the My Projects page the user can click the Log Out link to return to the logged out homepage.

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