TAME Licensing Options

TAME Personal

Sign up for a free 30-day TAME Personal account.

TAME Personal gives you the basics for trying the tutorials and for building up to five tests of your own.

After 30 days you can keep using TAME Personal for $99 per year.

Note that TAME Personal is limited to five active tests and ten runs per day.

TAME Professional

Upgrade to the single-user TAME Professional with no limits for $1200 per year.

The two-day training course (a $1375 value) is included.

TAME Enterprise

Get your whole team on board with TAME Enterprise.

Collaborate and share tests

  • $5000 for the first 3 users
  • $1000 for each additional user

Each TAME Enterprise license includes the two-day training course in an exclusive delivery for your organization.

Whatever version you choose you will always get the most current TAME because there’s no software to install.

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