What is TAME?

Many individual test cases are needed to properly validate a large software system. Yet writing these tests has always been one of the most tedious and error-prone software lifecycle tasks.

TAME Creates Better Tests

Today, even though specialized tools are widely available to aid in software design and implementation, most software testing is a largely ad hoc manual process. Even when test execution is automated, the tests themselves are often created one at a time “on the fly” without the benefit of a formal, integrated plan. Important areas are overlooked. Complex combinations of inputs and their interactions with different environment conditions are never tested.

TAME Automates Test Creation

TAME—Test Authoring Made Easy—produces comprehensive test cases and scripts from simple yet detailed functional specifications. It can be applied at any level of software testing to create tests for single functions (a single UI page or function in code), sequences of functions (use cases and user stories), complete business processes, and whole systems.

TAME makes combinations of inputs, applies different preconditions to those combinations, and matches them to expected results to form test cases. TAME creates test cases systematically and includes features for detecting and eliminating redundant tests.

No Code Needed

Since TAME is a specification-based or “black-box” testing method, test development can be done in parallel with or even prior to coding. TAME tests are not biased by knowledge of the implementation and are thus more likely to find errors resulting from misinterpretation of the original software requirements.

Think Better, Test Better

TAME gets your team writing better specifications because it organizes key knowledge into a well-structured, easily-understood form.

The result is a set of test cases—exhaustive enough to give your software a good workout—but intelligent enough to not waste time and effort.

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